30 years ago  on March 10,we welcomed into the world a priceless gift,
our son, David Christopher Wier.
We are proud of you, and love you very much. Your strength and courage,
warmth and joy fills our hearts. You are one of our greatest treasures.

with much love,
Mama and Daddy

It took 3 months back then to find out whether or not I was pregnant.


1 month 2 months
5 generations Aunt  Robin holding baby
6 weeks old 5 months old with Great Grandmother Maw Maw
6 months old with favorite toy"Laggaelly"   First snow at 9 months

5 generations

The Fonz
2  years old







12 years old
Aunt Nancy, Aunt Maude and Aunt Velma with the boys and Shannon Trick or Treat
Cousins Christopher, LeeAnn and Janet with Mama, James  and David


Granny nee, Uncle Jim, Mama, Shannon, James, and David



Six Flaggs
Aunt Robin's wedding The whole family at Robin's wedding


Mama And David
Aunt Robin, Grami, and David Fernando and David


First Grade
Second Grade

Dance Time

David's prom


Graduation Pictures

The charred remains of David's camero.He picked up a hitchhiker who tried to rob him,hit him over the head and took off, the next thing David Remembered is being out of the car and watching it explode inside.The driver door was stuck shut.


David and Kelly get married June 28th 1992


James and David at James' wedding in 1993 David and his precious daughter Brittany
David and Mama


On July 2, 1998  Grami dies suddenly. On the fourth of July , James is critically injured in an automobile accident
and dies on July 9, 1998.

The last picture with James taken a week before he died
The 3 Davids


Daddy and David


Our handsome son


David, Heather, Morgan and sister Shannon  Feb  2002