Here is a wonderful way to remind your children of the Easter Story. Buy some plastic eggs that can be opened and filled. The size that will fit in an empty egg carton are perfect and will be easy to store and not lose any of the contents in each egg (or you can put them in an Easter basket).

 Try to have each egg a different color, and number them 1-12 with a permanent marker.

Into each egg place the item and scripture reference written on a small piece of paper.

Contents of Eggs

Palm branch or plastic leaf
Perfume sample or small cloth or cotton ball  with perfume on it
Piece of bread
3  Dimes or plastic silver money
toothpicks or cut popsicle sticks glued into shape of cross
Thorny branch (from rose bush is good)
Cloth piece or miniature dice
Cloves or other spices
Small rock
 leave last egg empty



EGG # 1: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people waved palm branches.

Matthew 21:1-11

Piece of palm branch or plastic leaf

EGG# 2: Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet.

John 12:2-8

Small perfume sample or cloth with perfume

EGG# 3: Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples.

Matthew 26:17-19

Piece of bread or cracker

EGG# 4: Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Matthew 27:3

3 dimes or plastic silver money

EGG# 5: Jesus carried His own cross.

John 19:17

Popsicle stick cut and glued in a cross form

EGG# 6: Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus' head.

John 19:2

Small thorny branch( rose bush  cutting is good)

EGG# 7: Soldiers parted Jesus' garments and cast lots for His coat.

John 19:23

Piece of cloth

EGG# 8: Jesus was nailed to a cross and pierced in His side.

John 19:18,37
John 20:25-29

A nail

EGG# 9: They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall on a sponge to drink.

Matthew 27:34

A small sponge

EGG#10: Spices to prepare Jesus for burial.

John 19:40

cloves , bayleaf or other spices

EGG #11: The stone covering Jesus' tomb was rolled away

John 20:1

A small rock

EGG #12 : "He is not here, HE HAS RISEN, just as He said Come and see where He lay"

Matthew 28:6

empty egg

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