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AARP: Coping with Grief and Loss For widowed and bereaved adults. http://www.aarp.org/griefandloss/home.html

AARP Grief
Support Line

Would you like to talk to someone who cares?

Call toll free
9 am - 9 pm ET, Daily


Air Crash Support Network Aids and facilitates the grieving process of people who have been affected by, or involved in, an air crash. http://www.accesshelp.org/


Alive Alone Assists bereaved parents that lost an only child or all of their children. http://www.alivealone.org/


Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy (AGAST) Dedicated to assisting all grandparents when a grandchild dies. http://www.agast.org/


Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation Represents a voice for pediatric cancer families and survivors to the general public, the medical community, government, schools, employers, and the media. http://www.candlelighters.org/


Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB) For bereaved parents of one or more twins, or multiples. http://www.climb-support.org/


The Compassionate Friends Supports families following a child’s death. http://www.compassionatefriends.org/


Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) For families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. http://www.nationalcops.org/


GrowthHouse Resources for life-threatening illness and end-of-life care. http://www.growthhouse.org/


GROWW-Grief Recovery Online Provides message boards, resource listings and secure chat rooms for the grieving. http://www.groww.org/


In Loving Memory Dedicated to helping parents cope with the death of their only child or all their children through conferences/outreach. http://www.inlovingmemoryonline.org/


National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved Offers pastoral and spiritual support to the bereaved, caregivers, agencies, congregations and dioceses. http://www.griefwork.org/


The National Center for Grieving Children and Families Provides peer support groups for grieving children. http://www.dougy.org/


National Donor Family Council For families of those who died and became organ and/or tissue donors. http://www.kidney.org/


Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) Dedicated to helping the survivors of homicide victims with supportive family services after the murder of a family member or friend. http://www.pomc.com/


Society of Military Widows For widows of members of all branches of the uniformed services of the United States. http://www.militarywidows.org/


Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors Provides services to those that lost a loved one while serving in the Armed Forces. http://www.taps.org/


WidowNet An information and self-help resource for, and by, widows and widowers. http://www.fortnet.org/WidowNet/


Wings of Light Support and information network for aircraft-accident survivors and others directly affected by aviation accidents.

End-of-Life Issues


Hospice Foundation of America Provides information for professionals and families on issues relating to caregiving, terminal illness, loss and bereavement. http://www.hospicefoundation.org/


Charitable Organizations

Alzheimer’s Association Provides education and support to people with Alzheimer’s disease, their families and to caregivers. http://www.alz.org/


American Cancer Society Dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. http://www.cancer.org/



Camp Heartland For children impacted by HIV/AIDS. http://www.campheartland.org/


Living Bank International, Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Promotes organ and tissue donation through public education and maintains a national registry of those willing to donate. http://www.livingbank.org/


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Focuses on drunk driving and underage drinking problems, and offers support for people grieving the death of a loved one caused by drunk driving. http://www.madd.org/home/


Salvation Army National Headquarters Dedicated to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and alleviating human suffering and distress without discrimination. http://www1.salvationarmy.org/


Tissue Banks International Provides corneas and other eye tissue for sight-restoring transplant surgery, as well as tissues as bone, ligaments and tendons (musculosketal tissue) that restore mobility, skin for burn and reconstructive surgery, heart valves to correct cardiac conditions, and saphenous veins to remedy circulatory problems. http://www.tbionline.org/






The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance (SIDS Alliance
1314 Bedford Avenue, Suite 210 
Baltimore, Maryland 21208 
Phone: (800) 221-SIDS 
Fax: (410) 659-8709 


Tender Hearts  c/o Triplet Connection, 
P.O. Box 99571, 
Stockton, CA 95209. (209)474-0885; 
FAX: (209)474-2233. 
Online Contact: mailto:triplets@inreach.com or 

International. Sponsored by Triplet Connection. Founded 1983. Network of parents who have lost one or more children in multiple births. Information on selection reduction. Newsletter information and referrals, phone support and pen pals.

Unite, Inc. 
7600 Central Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19111-2499 
Phone: (215) 728-3777 


Support Groups: Child Loss

Alliance of Grandparents Against a SIDS Tragedy
Contact Sandra Graben (602) 340-8373

A.G.A.S.T. supports grandparents grieving the death of their grandchild. They also recognize the uniqueness of a
grandparent's grief as they observe their child mourning the death of their infant. Peer contacts are available, as are
monthly newsletters and resources.

Alive Alone, Inc. 

Contact: Alive Alone, c/o Kay Bevington, 11115 Dull Robinson Rd., Van Wert, OH 45891. 

Founded 1988. National network. Self-help network of parents who have lost an only child or all of their children.
Provides education and publications to promote communication and healing, to assist in resolving grief, and to
develop means to reinvest lives for a positive future. 

Bereaved Parents of the USA
Contact: Bereaved Parents of the USA, P.O. Box 95, Park Forest, IL 60466. Call (708)748-7672;

National. 31 affiliated groups. Founded 1995. Designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families who are struggling to survive their grief after the death of a child. Information and referrals, newsletter, phone support, conferences, support group meetings. Assistance in starting groups. 

The Compassionate Friends (TCF) - National Office 
P.O. Box 3696 
Oak Brook, Illinois 60522-3696 
Phone: (630) 990-0010 
Fax: (630) 990-0246

Assists bereaved parents and siblings in the positive resolution of the grief experienced upon the death of a child and to support their efforts to achieve physical and emotional health.  Provides information and education about bereaved parents and siblings for employers, co-workers, and professionals. 


CLIMB, Inc. (Center for Loss In Multiple Birth) 

Contact: CLIMB, P.O. Box 1064, Palmer, AK 99645. Call (907)746-6123 (after 10 am). 
Online Contact:

International network. Founded 1987. Support by and for parents who have experienced the death of one or more of  their twins or higher multiples during pregnancy, birth, in infancy, or childhood. Newsletter, information on specialized topics, pen pals, phone support. Materials for twins clubs and helping professionals, loss support groups. 

Invincible Summer
E-mail support jimncarol@earthlink.net

On-line Support for those who have lost their only or all children

Conjoined Twins International 

Contact: Conjoined Twins International, P.O. Box 10895, Prescott, AZ 86304-0895.

International network. Support for families of conjoined twins, or families who have lost one or more conjoined twin.  Phone and pen pal network. Quarterly newsletter. Planning a future mountain camp for families. 

Parents of Murdered Children, 100 E. 8th St., B-41, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Call (513)721-5683 (office); 
(513)345-4489 (FAX)

e-mail: NatlPOMC@aol.com


National. 300+ chapters and contact persons throughout US and Australia. Founded 1978. Provides self-help groups to 
 support persons who survived the violent death of someone close, as they seek to recover. Newsletter; court accompaniment also provided in many areas.



Support Groups: The Grieving Child

The Compassionate Friends (TCF) - National Office 
P.O. Box 3696 
Oak Brook, Illinois 60522-3696 
Phone: 630-990-0010
Fax:     630-990-0246                                                      Provides education and support for individuals who work with the grieving child.  Included are clergy, teachers and counselors.  Information also provided on support groups in 600 locations. 

Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS) COPS Kids

Contact: COPS, c/o Suzie Sawyer, P.O. Box 3199, S. Highway 5, Camdenton, MO 65020. Call
(573)346-4911; FAX: (573)346-1414 

e-mail:mailto:cops@nationalcops.org                                    Bereavement Support for children of policemen and women.

2100 Golf Road #370 
Rolling Meadows, Illinois 600008
Phone: (800) 266-3206 
Fax: (847) 952-1770                                                        Provides curricular and training for establishing peer support groups for children, adolescents, 
and adults who are grieving a death, divorce, or other painful transition in their family. 
Trains counselors.

The Dougy Center 
3903 S.E. 52nd Avenue, 
P.O. Box 86582 
Portland, Oregon 97286 
Phone: (503) 775-5683             The Dougy Center for Grieving Children provides loving support in a safe place where children 
grieving a death can share their experience as they move through the healing process. The Dougy

Center extends supportive services to the family, caregivers, schools, and the community. 

Support Groups: For Family of Organ Donors

National Donor Family Council 
30 E. 33rd St., 
FAX: (212)779-0068. 

National. 52 affiliated groups. Founded 1991. Mutual support for families who donated the organs/tissues of a loved one who died. Provides literature, programs and local resources. Newsletter and pen pals.

Support Groups: Suicide

American Suicide Foundation National. 
1045 Park Ave., New York, NY 10028. 
Call 800-ASF-4042 or (212)410-1111; 
 FAX: (212)410-0352. 


Ray of Hope, Inc., 
P.O. Box 2323, 
Iowa City, IA 52244 



Support Groups: Violent Death

C.H.U.C.K. (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings) 
P.O. Box 188, Sayville, NY 11782. 

National network. Founded 1979. Support for families who have lost a child to hazing or alcohol in 
fraternity, sorority or other college group. Advocacy to change hazing laws. Education to the dangers of 
such practices. Information and referrals, speakers bureau, phone support. 

Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS) 
P.O. Box 3199 
Camdenton, Missouri 65020 
Phone: (573) 346-4911 
Fax: (573) 346-1414 

COPS was created to reach out to surviving families of America's law enforcement officers killed in 
the line of duty and to help agencies prepared for the trauma of an officer's death. The organization has developed programs to support survivors directly and to assist law enforcement agencies in their interaction and support of 

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 
511 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 700, 
Irving, TX 75062-8187.                (214)744-6233; 
victim hotline 800-GET-MADD. 

Nationally has 600+ chapters, offers support to family members and friends of victims of drunk driving.  Newsletter, support groups and support group development.

Parents of Murdered Children
100 E. 8th St., B-41, 
Cincinnati, OH 45202 
(513)721-5683 (office); 
(513)345-4489 (FAX). 

National. 300+ chapters and contact persons throughout US and Australia. Founded 1978. Provides self-help groups to 
support persons who survived the violent death of someone close, as they seek to recover. Newsletter; court accompaniment also provided in many areas. 

R.I.D. (Remove Intoxicated Drivers) 

Contact: Doris Aiken, P.O. Box 520, Schenectady, NY 12301. Call (518)372-0034 or (518)393-HELP;
 FAX: (518)370-4917. 

National. 152 chapters in 41 states. Founded 1978. Citizens' project organized to advocate against drunk driving, educate the public, reform legislation and aid victims of drunk driving. Newsletter. 

S.O.S.A.D. (Save Our Sons And Daughters) 

Contact: SOSAD, 2441 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208-1210. Call (313)361-5200.

In Michigan area.

Crisis intervention and violence prevention program that provides support and advocacy for survivors of homicide or other traumatic loss. Weekly bereavement groups, professional grief counseling and training, education on peace movement to youth,
advocacy, public education. Monthly newsletter, conferences, rallies and assistance in starting groups. 

 TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.) 
Address: 2001 S Street, NW, Suite 300 
Washington, DC 20009 
(800) 959-TAPS 
(907) 274-8277 
Email: tapsak@aol.com 

Support for loved ones of military personnel after a violent death in the line of military duty.  Works with parents, spouses, friends and children.  Operates national toll-free crisis and information line and provides case workers to support 
families in tracking information and benefits following the death of a military service person.  Has newsletter and seasonal conferences 


Support Groups: Widows/Widowers

 The Beginning Experience, 305 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48226. Call (313)965-5110; FAX: (313)965-5557, 

 International support programs for divorced, widowed and separated adults and their children enabling them to work through the grief of a lost marriage. 

Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS)

Contact: COPS, c/o Suzie Sawyer, P.O. Box 3199, S. Highway 5, Camdenton, MO 65020. Call
(573)346-4911; FAX: (573)346-1414 

e-mail: cops@nationalcops.org

National. 25 chapters. Founded 1984. Peer support for spouses and families of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. Quarterly newsletter, departmental guidelines, peer support, conferences. Also COPS Kids
program for children that offers peer support, counseling, and grief seminars. 

Society of Military Widows (SMW) 
5535 Hempstead Way 
Springfield, VA 22151 
(703) 750-1342 X3007 
Fax: (703) 354-4380 
Email: mconaus@aol.com 

Serves the interests of women whose husbands died on active duty military service or during 
retirement from the armed forces. 

P.O. Box 415, Springfield, PA 19064-0415. Call (610)353-7740. 

National mutual help organization covering the greater Delaware Valley, for widowed women and men supporting one another through the grief cycle. 

To Live Again 
P.O. Box 415 
Springfield, PA 19064 (610)353-7740 

A mutual help organization for widowed women and men 
supporting one another through the grief cycle 

 THEOS (They Help Each Other Spiritually) 
717 Liberty Ave, 1301 Clark Bldg 
 Pittsburgh, PA 15222, (412)471-7779 

A national organization assisting widowed persons of all ages and  their families to rebuild their lives through mutual self-help. 

Widowed Persons Service 
601 E Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20049.  (202)434-2260; 
FAX: (202)434-6474. 
Online Contact: mailto:astudner@aarp.org 

Nationally run program in cooperation with A.A.R.P. and local community groups. 


Hospice Education Institute 
Suite 3-B 
Post Office Box 713 
5 Essex Square 
Essex, CT 06426-0713 


Maintains a computerized and continually updated directory of hospice programs in the United States, and operates a toll-free telephone number to refer callers to local hospice and palliative care programs called HOSPICELINK. 

Also provides general information about the principles and practice of hospice care and responds to telephone callers who need to discuss immediate personal problems relating to terminal illness and bereavement. 

Children's Hospice International 800-24-CHILD (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST) 

Refers patients to hospices and specialists in their areas, internationally.

National Hospice Helpline 800-658-8898 

 Information for hospice care for terminally ill persons. Referrals to hospice programs nationwide. 

Support Groups: Pet Loss

As a society sometimes we forget the importance of pets in our lives.  Loss of a dear pet is loss of a family member.

Pet Loss Support Hotline
Dial (888) ISU-PLSH (888-478-7574) toll free

Telephone support for those who have lost a pet.  Provided by Iowa State University. The hotline is staffed primarily by current Iowa State University veterinary students and local volunteers. 
Hours of operation: September-April:
Seven days a week, 6:00- 9:00pm CST 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 
6:00-9:00pm CST 

The Pet Support Hotline

Located at the University of California, Davis - School of Veterinary Medicine especially for Seniors

Rainbow Pet Chat

A chat room just for pet loss, Monday through Thursday, 9 - 11 pm EST.

Cornell University Pet Loss Support HotLine

6:00-9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

 The hotline is staffed by volunteer veterinary students. All voice mail and e-mail will

American WWII Orphans Network Was your father killed in WWII? This organization may be of help to you. 


Nanci Donaldson has created a site Survivors of Suicide to help those who have experienced the death of a loved one to suicide.  http://thewebpager.com/sos/

Dave Warthen has created a page for Christian Widowed Persons - a supportive forum for Christian widowed persons moving on.    http://www.toad.net/~dwarthen/CWP/cwp.htm

Geared to younger men and women the Seattle Widowed Young Persons' Support Site offers help for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner.    http://www.seattlewidowed.com/

Keeping the Faith Support and information for cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones. Email support volunteers, prayer list, crisis prayer team, poetry, humor, informative articles and survivors' stories. http://ktf.org/

Young Widows is a group of young widows supporting each other through an email group.   http://www.geocities.com/valerieann_1999/YoungWidows.html

Dr. Henya Kagan (Klein), has two sites: www.kaganklein.com and www.gilisplace.org dedicated to her daughter Gili. Both sites serve bereaved adults, children, and professionals.



The Donor Family Forum is a place to share for friends & family of donors and recipients. http://members.boardhost.com/donorfamily/

Our new forums can be found at http://www.transplantbuddies.org/cgi-bin/tbx/discus.cgi (http://www.transplantbuddies.org/cgi-bin/tbx/discus.cgi).

This new format requires a password in order to post a message, but anyone can read all of the messages.

For information about obtaining a password, contact boards@transplantbuddies.org (boards@transplantbuddies.org).

Helpful Toll Free Numbers
* Telephone answered 24 hours, 7 days per week

Children Agencies

Advocacy, Inc./Developmentally Disabled


Child Abuse (Department of Human Services)


Child Find/Missing Children


Handicapped Children
(Texas Education Agency Compliant Unit for Special Education)


Heidi Search Center for Missing Children


Parents Special Ed Hotline


Runaway Hotline


Texas Healthy Kids Corporation


Consumer Complaints

Attorney General



Abuse & Neglect Hotline- children and adults (Department of Protective & Regulatory Services)


Highway Emergencies (Department of Public Safety)


Texas Council on Family Violence


National Domestic Violence Hotline


Parents Anonymous/Texas Parent Hotline



Advocate for nursing facility residents


Alcohol Hotline


Hill-Burton Free Care Program


Health and Human Services: If denied treatment because of being on Medicare or Medicaid at health care facility that receives Hill-Burton funds


Long-Term Care Ombudsman


Medicap Insurance


Medicare: questions regarding Part B claims


Nursing Home Complaints




QMB and SLMB Medicaid Information


Texas Library for the Blind


Insurance Information

Texas Department of Insurance



Advocacy, Inc.


Lawyer Referral


Legal Hotline for Older Texans


Voter Registration/Eligibility/Elections


Women's Advocacy (Legal Assistance)


Mental Health Retardation Abuse

MHMR Consumer Rights Concerns (client to client abuse)


Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (staff to client abuse)


Social Services

Fair Housing


Food Stamps & TANF (formerly AFDC) Benefits Inquiries


Freedom of Information - Foundation of Texas


Governor's Citizen Assistance Hotline


Governor's Crime Victim Clearinghouse (leave voice mail and pager messages only)


Income Assistance, TANF (formerly AFDC), Food Stamp and Medicaid


Social Security Administration


Texas Crime Stoppers


Texas Department on Aging


Texas Workers' Compensation Commission Health & Safety Hotline



 My Mom is a Survivor .....In honor of moms who have lost a child.

 Bereaved Families Online Support .....Welcome to Bereaved Families Online. We hope you find help and healing here.

 Grief Support Links .....Links to help with the grief journey we are all going through.

 Pen Parents .....If you have suffered the death of a child, you needn't grieve alone. Pen-Parents is here to help.

 The Compassionate Friends .....The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to assist families
in the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child and
to provide information to help others be supportive.

 Death and Dying ....."The dead are not dead if we have loved them truly. In our own lives we can give them a kind of immortality. Let us arise and take up the work they have left unfinished."

 Support Pages for Grief .....Various support pages.

  Crisis, Grief and Healing ....This page is meant to be a place men and women can browse to understand and honor the many different paths to heal strong emotions.

 Mothers in Sympathy and Support .....The mission of Mothers in Sympathy & Support is to allow a safe haven for parents to share their grief after the death of a child.

 Mom's Halo .....Mom's Halo is a place for Motherless Children of all ages to find comfort, fellowship, healing, and hope.

 Living With Grief .....When a loved one is dying, it is often difficult to consider one’s own needs and wants.

 T.A.G. Teenage Grief .....Teen Age Grief, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides expertise in providing grief support to bereaved teens.

 WidowNet .....Grief and bereavement support resource for widows and widowers.

 Compassionate Friends of Western Australia .....a support group for bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings in grief over the death of a child.

 That Their Light May Always Shine .....Our Children...Loved and Remembered.

 Men and Grief ...Do men grieve differently from women? How do men handle grief?

 Survivors of Homicide ...Children and homicide.

 Survivors of Homicide .....Complications of bereavement.

 1000 Deaths .....A suicide dies once. Those left behind die a 1000 deaths trying to understand why.

 kids2kids .....Join our support group that is only for kids

 The Compassionate Friends Online Brochures .....Large variety of brochures to help.

 Childrens Grief and Development Stages ....Stages of grief and your childs age.

 Healing Resources Web Pages .....A site dedicated to healing and personal growth through emotional work, support, learning and community.

 Against Drunk Driving...the grieving process ...We, at ADD, have tried to put together a series of articles which have come our way to help people, just like you, through your troubled times. (Canadian Site)

  Crisis, Grief, and Healing ...This page is meant to be a place men and women can discuss , chat, or simply browse to understand and honor the many different paths to heal strong emotions.


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