James' car

On the 4th of July, in 1998, our nightmare began... and the tears started and have not stopped.

After the funeral, my husband drove us to go see James' car
To see this crumpled mess of steel, the shattered glass, and the inside of this metal nightmare, stained with my 24 yr old son's precious blood, is a horror that no words can describe. 

I believe  an inadequate underride
saftey rail on the semi caused James'
death....and thousands of others also
die a violent death just like this.





Learn about how  I believe the death of James and hundreds of others every year could have been prevented.

                                      IMPACT PROJECT....Fighting Against the Underride Tragedy


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Will someone you love  be its next victim?



This is the front and the back of James' gravestone. My 5 yr. old grand daughter, Brittany, remembered that James had collected rocks, so she found some that she thought he would like and placed them at the base of his gravestone
David Christopher, James' older brother, visits his brother's grave.
One last look goodbye


Brittany was unaware this picture was being taken
She misses her Uncle James


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