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       Just Beyond Your Touch
Just beyond your touch
I can almost hear you  in the whisper of the  breeze, as it gently comes and touches my tear stained face


II can almost see you as the clouds willow by with your crooked smile and your dark brown hair
I just want to touch your face, see your smile, and hear you speak once more
II need to hug you just once more and feel your breath near mine and see your eyes that shine,once more
I just want to hear your  voice once more, call me up on the phone, just once more




I want to see you drive up in your car, not dented, wrecked and torn, once more. Hear your radio, beep your horn
         I just want to keep you from all harm
             Change the past, change your death
           I just want  to hold you in my arms
                     Keep you whole, alive, and safe

written  by Lisa Wier, in memory of my son, James

music by David Wier "Just Beyond Your Touch"
music on this page may not be used without explicit permission


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