Never  again will I see your face , changing , maturing , ever so handsome

Never again will your voice be heard with new words to say

Just an answering machine and some video tapes of holidays long gone

Never again  will your laughter ring out,but it echoes in my soul

Never again will you give me a hug , call me Mama , or give me a call

Never again will I feel your warm touch , my last touch of you so cold , so dead

  not real , it tears my heart in two

Never again will holidays ring with the joy of us all together,

And now when we are all together

We are not all together .

Never will  I see you stand at your sister's graduation , or her marriage ,

Or see her grow older .

Never will I see you remarry , or hold your child , or hear you called Daddy

Never the need to save things for you later , mementos to hand down to your


Never  again will you sit at my table , fall asleep on my couch , watch tv with

  the family .

Never again to say Happy Birthday , Merry Christmas , or I love you

  or take you for granted .

Never to have you climb the roof , cut the branches , help me out

Never again to call your name and have you answer

Never again will your laundry basket get in the way

Or hear the bass of your music throbbing loudly in your car

or telling you how smoking cigarettes will kill you

Never to see your neice grow older,seeing things you liked,she likes

Never to tell you how very much I love you and how you made me proud .

I miss you so much . Love , Mama

in memory of my son James Wier

author~Lisa Wier

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