t It has been a long journey since that fateful day on July 9th, 1998 when my son James was declared brain dead. I never would have believed back then that I would be at the place I am now.

I am at peace, and yes I live a good life filled with joy. Life is not the same as it once was and I accept  that. I am not the same person I was back then- I am stronger and feel I am at a place where I am suppose to be.


David and I have gone on vacations and have had  a wonderful time and met many interesting people


We were in a support group for almost 3 years and I knew this is where my heart would be- towards helping
other hurting people and walking  with them on their grief journey.

iII am a facilitator at the LightHouse for New Hope, a grief and divorce support group center, and also on the board of directors.

We are all volunteers and it is a truly rewarding experience.This picture was taken at the festival we had to help raise money towards our building fund.

I have 2 wonderful grand daughters and enjoy being with them

Has it been easy? NO, but with a lot of determination, prayers, and trusting in God  you also can reach the place where I am now.
It is not impossible, although you may think so right now. I still miss my son so very much, and holidays, birthdays, any
kind of  celebrations are tinged with a sadness that will always be there, but it doesn't dominate my whole being as it did
in  the first few years after James' death. Grief is not  in control anymore, and the days of gut wrenching ,tormenting grief are
 no more. Of course I have those bad days, when it still seems like it has been a dream-but NOTHING like it was the first few
years. I would say that the once you get through the first 3 years,  things  soften for you and don't have the brutality of
dominating  your thoughts every waking hour anymore.


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