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When a child dies you really learn who your real friends are

I want to thank two wonderful people  who  God put  into our lives over 10 years ago

 Who stayed with us  after the other "good "friends had long gone

And helped  hold us up  through the sea of devestation

When we couldn't see past the grave of our son

Too young to die,

but dead just the same.

Who kept phoning us  when the others had stopped .

ANd let us talk about our son without changing the subject

And   ignoring our words


or pretending to know what we were going through.

You didn't tell us to get over it ,

or get on with our lives,

You were there,and you listened,

For this I will always be grateful.


You remember the anniversary of my son's death

When it seems the rest of the world has forgotton he ever existed


or wishes we would forget .

 You have let me talk for hours of his death, the accident ,his broken body,

Somehow knowing I needed to do this to work through  my grief

and try to start to  learn to live with the pain of his death.

You could have chosen to be anywhere else

Having fun and relaxation on your days off,

Without the physical reminder our presence  does bring

of the nightmare  that can  happen and  what every parent fears .

I thank God for giving us such good friends

In that way we are blessed.

    I don't know what I would have done if you had not been here .

We  love and appreciate your kindness, generousity,and compassion so much .

Thank you, Willie and Kay Kelley.




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